Q Install iPhone OS on an Android Phone?

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I have a Sony Xperia X10 if that makes any difference.

If you have hav an android phone, why would you make its characteristics similar to an iphone? I personally would not do it because Iphone is not java based and Android is which makes it more fun.

iphone is iphone , android is android , it is impossible you can have an android phone with iphone os or an iphone with android platform . If you want an iphone os , why don’t you just buy an iphone instead of android phone , i wonder ?

but you can run android on iphone but it is impossible to run iphone on android.

Many people that have an iPhone do not like the iOS, so a dev went and made an android based app. Those that have an Android realize that Android>iOS and do not want to make an app to emulate the iPhone. As an earlier post said, if you want iOS, get an iDevice.

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