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Phone Schedule

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Phone Schedule : All-in-one scheduler for your phone:

!NEW: Mobile Data On/Off – a feature everyone’s been waiting for! (*read more below*)

– Brightness! (Auto, Full, Custom, Dim Screen)

– Launch an app. (launch your internet radio to make music alarm)

– Silent mode, vibration mode, volumes(ringer, media, alarm)

– Bluetooth and WiFi ON and OFF

– Change Ringtone and notification tone, Silent Ringtone

Phone Schedule : Create a task once and it will execute automatically. Configure time and days of week when you want it to repeat. Morning, daytime, night, weekdays, weekends, you name it! Save battery by switching off unused functions when you don’t need them.

***About Mobile Data***

Mobile data is available on all supported Android versions. I have tested it on Nexus One and Samsung Galaxy Nexus. However it may not work on some phone models, i.e. on HTC EVO 4G Mobile Data Off works, but On – doesn’t.

I’m very sorry if this function doesn’t work on your device, very often manufacturers block this and there’s nothing i can do about it 🙁

Phone Schedule is a tool that allows you to create a list of tasks, which you want to automatically run at specific times. For example, you might want to switch your phone to silent mode when you go to bed, so you add a task, set time to 10pm, select desired days of week(say, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) and select action “Set silent mode”. That’s it! Your phone will automatically switch to silent mode at 10pm on every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Here’s an example:

– Switch ringer off at night and switch it back on in the morning.

– Wake up to your favorite music by launching your internet radio app.

– Make your screen brighter during day time and keep it darker in the evening to save battery.

– Switch WiFi on when you get home and switch it off when you’re off to work.

– Automatically turn off mobile data when you go to bed to save battery and turn it back on when you wake up

Phone Schedule is highly configurable, supports multiple tasks at one time, lets you specify days of week when you want specific tasks to run. If you want every task to trigger a notification in your phone’s notification bar, you can easily enable notifications on the Settings page. Disabling notifications is just as easy 😉 “Pause Tasks” function, use it when you have unexpected business meeting, so scheduled tasks won’t execute during a timeout which you set.

Phone Schedule runs in background, so once you setup your tasks, you won’t need to reschedule them manually, everything is done automatically.

List of supported actions:

– Switch WiFi Off

– Switch Bluetooth On

– Switch Bluetooth Off

– Airplane Mode On

– Airplane Mode Off

– Change Ringer volume

– Change Media volume

– Change Alarm volume

– Change Notification volume

– Change Notification Tone

– Silent Notification Tone

– Mobile Data On (May not work on some devices)

– Mobile Data Off (May not work on some devices)

The list of actions is continuously growing, stay tuned for updates!

* Access network state, Change network state – To enable/disable mobile data

* Full internet access – for crash reports, this greatly helps to debug the app and prevent crashes

* Change your audio settings – to set silent/vibration/normal modes and change volumes

* Automatically start an boot – to start working on your tasks automatically on boot after you reboot your phone

* create Bluetooth connections, Bluetooth administration, change WiFi state – to switch WiFi and Bluetooth On and Off(No data transmission!)

* Modify global system settings – To enable/disable Airplane mode

* Prevent phone from sleeping – to execute your tasks when your phone is sleeping

Phone Schedule user reviews :

Most simplest n easy to use app i hav ever seen..Performance is awsome.. If posible include more features to schedule !!

An amazing app. Perfect for a guy like me who needs to have his phone on silent for certain times on certain days for class. Seriously has more features than I’ll ever use. Only thing that would make it cooler is if there was an option to physically play one of your ringtones at a set time

This should be a stock app for all android phones! Flexible and simple but consistent and powerful!

Download Phone Schedule :

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