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“We talked about the science the whole time the other day,” Krauss told The Daily Beast in a phone interview.

Now it can’t open on my phone due to what appears to be software incompatibility.

Eventually Morrow was released with no money, vehicle, or phone.

My wife was talking to her on the phone, and I just kinda found the courage to ask her.

The phone is apparently the one he took from his girlfriend after shooting her outside Baltimore and heading for New York.

You have seen the Greek word “phone,” which means the voice, before.

His reason for wanting to see me, he said, he’d rather not give me over the ‘phone.

He rose to leave, but paused while Colonel Boynton answered the phone.

He was working with trembling fingers at the phone where Sykes had pointed.

This number the spectator dialed on the phone Mr. Grace carried.

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1884, shortening of telephone (n.). Phone book first recorded 1925; phone booth 1927; phone bill 1901.

1884, from phone (n.). Related: Phoned ; phoning .

“elementary sound of a spoken language,” 1866, from Greek phone (see fame (n.)).

word-forming element meaning “voice, sound,” also “speaker of,” from Greek phone “voice, sound,” from PIE root *bha- (2) “to speak, say, tell” (cf. Latin for , fari “to speak,” fama “talk, report;” see fame (n.)).

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