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We want to thank you for visiting Performance Chip Tuning. We offer a large range of performance products for your car, truck or SUV from some of the top names in the industry. Adding performance parts to your vehicle is easy to do and fun. No matter if you are a hardcore racer or just looking for a bit more get to go power, our specially tuned add-ons will surely make your vehicle perform. Start by selecting your car make & model and find out the type of parts we carry instock for your model.

We offer a wide range of performance chip upgrades. Your computers engine is controlled and monitored by your computer. The computer determines how much fuel to deliver to the computer based on a wide variety of sensors monitored throughout the vehicle. These include the temperature control sensor, air density sensor, voltage sensor, engine speed sensor and other sensors monitored by the ECU. By alerting and optimizing signals to your ECU we can gain additional power not realized from factory settings designed for emissions.

More air results in more horsepower on any engine. By adding extra air flow to your engine you can create substantial horsepower and torque. Look no further than an electric supercharger designed to be mounted on your air intake track. Electric superchargers are a great alternative to regular superchargers which can cost thousands and require difficult installations. Electric superchargers are easy to install on most vehicles with a round air intake tube. They can be mounted where the old air box sits or on the end of an aftermarket air intake.

Can I add more than one product to my vehicle?

Yes! You can never have too much performance products on a vehicle. Performance parts such as chips, superchargers, voltage chips, exhausts and intakes work in conjunction with each other, each providing a benefit to its area.

Do I need special tools or skills?

Typically, most installations of performance parts will require basic tools you already have. You don’t need special skills, because all our products come with easy to follow instructions.

Will performance parts damage my engine?

No. All our products are tested on hundreds of vehicles before sold to the public. Federal law prohibits a dealer from voiding your vehicles warranty because of an aftermarket add-on product.

What is a common performance upgrade combination?

How can I improve my vehicles fuel economy & power?

It’s always a good idea to keep your tires inflated to the manufacture recommended PSI. Reduce weight of the vehicle by removing unused items and spare tires. Always make sure your air filter is clean.

Do the racing chips come with free flash upgrades?

Yes, periodically we release super flash upgrades for our performance chips. When a new version is available we will contact you by email with upgrade instructions. We are continuously refining our performance software settings for all car models.

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