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OxygenOS 2.1 Update on OnePlus 2

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Hey did they ever fix the OIS issue. it was rumoured that the OP2 needed some updates to improve the OIS.

can i upgrade on one plus one also or not

please tell me the ONeplus two has off screen 'ok google' without charging.

I like the added features on the Oxygen OS

I have a missing flashlight button after update to 2.1.1 .

I wait moto x pure versus

Is there a way to disable the left Homescreen thing (I don't remember the name :D)

I would really appreciate it if anyone can give me an invite. Thank you.

+tim schofield , All, did they fix the unlock button feature?

Still a freaking slow shutter speed to take pictures like on a $100 phone. And yeah, I still haven't received this update. WTF? So stupid….

the baterry drain still there 🙁

tim schofield .. plz howa can.i update the huawei p7 plz

Still crap without NFC

THANK YOU for being the only person anywhere to mention whether or not this phone works with the Manual Camera app. Makes me that much more excited, although it's nice to see the stock app supports manual controls. Although for RAW, I'll have to use Manual Camera for now.

Have you noticed any other camera improvements from this update? picture quality or capture speed? Thanks!

This is random, but what's the song at the intro of your videos?!

did the update include NFC?

What is the longest shutter speed that you can set on manual?

One plus 2 fail…man it's slow compared to anything with a 615 or a 810. How can people defend this thing anymore..

looks dope man glad the updated the camera but should have dropped with manual mode. Awesome video as always bro

I'm looking at this and thinking…. Moto really need to give their camera a software update.. gives us manual controls as well please

New manual mode looks pretty clean – glad I grabbed the updated!

Hi Tim, I noticed on my OP2 that the google maps app does not go into landscape mode. Do you have the same issue?

Any idea if an update is coming to OnePlus one?

Did they add support for R-Mobile WIFI CALLING?

the most important question!

Did the battery life improve after the latest software update?

Just got my OP2! Super pumped to have it and get the update! Thanks for the great videos Tim!

hey what what phone is the better buy oneplus 2 or moto x style and which phone has a better camera in low light and outdoors and battery life and can you please help me thank you and good afternoon

what is the best way to buy this device in brazil? thank you nice videos!

can the oneplus one get this?

yet the OPO still runs Oxygen OS 1.0 lmao that is why I went back to Google Nexus because OnePlus is joke.

APK camera? please 😀

that camera ui looks like the iphones just pushed down

what about the camera shutter speed, is it any better?

this phone just looks slow.

very much like the camera manual settings. Gives you more control over your picture.. Nice quick review 👍

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