How to Resize a Picture on Android – In Batch, AW Center

Android Widget Center

There is no default feature to change the size of picture and reduce image quality on Android. Shrink photo or resize pictures at the same time in a batch, by doing as follows:

2. After opening the app, you have the option to either choose from gallery or take a photo

3. After the picture was loaded, tap Reduce

4. Select from available picture sizes or set a custom size

5. Apply other effects like Rotate or Crop

7. Specify the file name, and the dicrectory

Too resize more than one picture at the same (Pictures in batches) do as follows:

2. After opening the app, you just need to tap multiple pictures to be resized at the same time

3. Tap the resize icon on the top and select one of the pre defined image sizes

4. Wait for the process to finish

The application is really simple and works fast and fine, the batch resize feature makes it easy to attach many reduced size pictures to an Email, but the Ads are really disturbing

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Very nice, I didn’t know about this. So far my best solution for batch resizing was this so I can preserve quality of the image, but this is helpful to have on the phone for a quick resizing 🙂

Another options to reduce the image size for Android is

What if I want to increase the size instead? Say, to add a caption above / below the image, as opposed on (writing over) the image?

Quick Reduce Photo-a completely free app to compress any number of photos

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