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Glad that you hoped into my site finally to learn all about Android Smart TV boxes. It is a fact that smart TV’s are gaining popularity day by day and people like to be connected wherever they go. If you are a new comer to the smart TV arena, you would have plenty of questions on your mind running now. Is Android smart TV box a real smart TV? Does it replace my regular LED TV? Do I have to through away my 55 Inches SONY? No way. Whoa! Relax. Let me explain what an android smart TV box is and we can take it up for there.

Simply put, Android TV is a smart TV platform designed by Google. Android TV delivers your favorite content and the things you enjoy on your phone to the big screen TV. How cool could that be? Well. Actually you cannot make calls through your TV. Android TV lets you access your essential entertainment apps, web browsing, social media, and weather to games which you can use on your TV.

  • What does an Android Smart TV look like?

As I said before, Android TV boxes are not actual Television sets. Think of it as an extension of TV which give you additional features which may not be possible in a regular one. Android TV boxes look similar to your modem or play station boxes and comes with a remote control. There are quite a few good ones available in the market within the price range of $50 – $100.

As there are no standard definition of how an Android Smart TV box should look like or work, these boxes are equipped with ARM based processors or similar chipsets and are preloaded with Android software. Most of the devices offer 1GB RAM and anywhere between 4- 8 GB of ROM. Storage capacity might seem to be on the lower end as there is nothing much to store on the actual device.

  • How is an Android Smart TV box different from an Android Stick?

Android TV boxes are bigger in size (about 5-7 inches wide and 2-3 inches tall where as an android stick resembles more of an USB device. Android TV boxes are packed with more power, storage and comes with a remote. Android TV boxes lets you cruise through the interface using your remote whereas android stick needs a mouse to operate.

  • What can an Android Smart TV box do?

Think of it as your additional big screen phone. You can pretty much access all of your phone content, download and install apps, play games, check weather and do more fun stuff. It can get more interesting when you can install streaming apps and watch your favorite shows just like the way you do on your smartphone.

Android smart TV boxes belong to the disruptive technology, which means a technology literally shakes up an entire industry on its way to existence. Broadband is gone and Fiber net is on. Imagine watching live music events, talk shows, movies at a click of a button is made possible with the most advanced technologies and gadgets like android smart TV boxes and high speed internet.

Not in a mood for music or movie, your android smart TV can turn your television set into one giant monitor. Use your TV set to check emails, interact online using chat applications, or immerse in the world of YouTube videos.

If you know how to use your phone, then you don’t need any special skills. It may be hard to navigate to your apps unlike a smartphone, but I promise your kids have already started using your android smart TV. You will get used to it in the days to come. No matter if it’s an android smart box or your regular TV, you will have to wait for your turn to get hold of the remote.

There are plenty of manufacturers in the market now and it’s quite difficult to finalize one. Keep an eye on the products from china and make sure you read and double check the product before you make a purchase. The best place to start your research is Amazon. The mother of all shopping sites which offers in-depth product and customer reviews so you can get of grasp of the products performance before you actually buy it. Some products also have recommendations for specific TV sets for optimal performance and even comes with installation procedures.

Cost may vary anywhere between $50 -$100 depending on the build and the features. Always go in for a higher capacity box which has ample space for installing your favorite apps and free clutter free operation.

Check with your local electronics or gadget stores, as sometimes you may find a quality box at much lower price than its online competitors.

There are plenty of clone or counterfeit boxes which looks very similar to the popular ones. Note that the product has proper approvals CE & FCC thereby you don’t burn your house for the sake of converting your TV to a mobile. Make sure the product is shipped with warranty and also don’t forget to check for the company’s refund policy as some devices may be faulty by nature or during transit.

Gone are the days when we used to flip channels all night long to catch our favorite shows and events. Android TV boxes could change the way we see TV making home entertainment the next big thing. No matter what you want to watch and where you want to watch, these cute little smart boxes are the next generation of TV’s. Forget costly cable or pay by channel subscriptions. Get out of the couch and get your android TV boxes today to enjoy a world of uninterrupted Info and entertainment overdose with just a click of button.

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