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BlackBerry to license Secure OS to other phone makers

No doubt BlackBerry knows mobile security. The Canadian smartphone pioneer has proven time and again that regular monthly updates are possible for Android as it’s been doing the past months since the first Android-powered BlackBerry phone was launched. The brand is still alive even after rumors that it will fold up over the years. It remained in the business and has tried to get back in the game by launching phones that run Android OS. That is one great idea as the company is now thriving although we still have no idea about the sales numbers.

BlackBerry has stopped manufacturing but it made great deals with other OEMs to produce the Android phones. It teamed up with TCL, BB Merah Putih, and Optiemus to make the phones. This time around, BlackBerry wants to get more licensing deals by offering its secure OS to other phone makers. BlackBerry Secure may soon be available in more Android phones as the smartphone pioneer begins to improve its licensing strategy.

This BlackBerry Secure will be an official OS that will include the standard BlackBerry security features. The company has started to discuss terms and agreements with a number of other groups. Optiemus is just one but expect more companies to partner with BlackBerry to use this operating system.

BlackBerry Secure OS may also be integrated with the Enterprise of Things (EoT) for the future devices, wearables, TVs, and medical equipment. With BlackBerry’s security measures, we’re positive these services and products will be safe from being compromised.

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