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Tips to Speed up Your Android Smartphone

We all remember that sweet feeling of new fast smartphone. And this memory always seems sweeter as the hardware gets older and slower. The lack of free storage space together with numerous bugs make your once cool smartphone a real mess.

How to Protect Your Smartphone from Virus Attacks

Surfing the Web from a smartphone has become a common practice today. It’s fast, easy, and convenient. If possible, we check our instant messengers every few minutes in order not to miss something important. If we are not aware of a particular subject, the first thing we do is go online from a smartphone to fill a gap in our knowledge. But there’s always a risk that we can visit a malicious website and get a cell phone virus. What is the solution?

Best Smartphone Apps for Safe Driving

Safety is one of top concerns for everyone. Be it for you or your kids and family, it is a natural instinct. And thanks to the modern technologies and advancements, you can also make your car trips a safer experience. Texting and Internet surfing are the two worst habits any driver can have. And whilst most adults believe these are teens’ driving sins, statistics show we all tend to get distracted while being behind the wheel.

Your Smartphone Can Become the Most Dangerous Spying Tool

Let us admit that we live in the world that resembles a futuristic world in the imagination of people in 1950s. Our smartphone is a kind of pocket-sized computer that has become an inevitable part of our life but at any moment your handheld gadget can become your worst enemy. How?

Japan Will Receive HTC Butterfly 3 in Red, White and Blue Colors

Continuing the tradition, rumors are spread that HTC Butterfly 3, the successor of HTC Butterfly 2, will be available in three colors: red, white and blue at the Japanese market. Despite the fact that anything is known about the technical characteristics, or design peculiarities of the third generation of HTC Butterfly, experts believe that the Japanese KDDI carrier will be able to sell the model even before it will be revealed to other Asian countries.

HP Changes Beats Audio to Bang & Olufsen

Until quite recently users had a possibility to buy HP laptops with built-in Beats audio system, however, with purchase of Beats Electronics by Apple the situation with audio systems for HP computers became unclear. As Apple got rights on all Beats hardware and software, HP was not allowed to use Beats audio it was forced to railroad a situation. And HP managed to do it with help of entering into a contract with pioneering audio company.

Changelog for Android 5.1 on the Moto X 2014 Revealed

Stability tests for the Moto X 2014 Pure Edition have already started and with the publishing of the full changelog the introduction of the new device to the market started at once.

When you look through the update, it is obvious that there are not as many changes as one could expect because Motorola took the most of the basic Android skin, as they have done before with the Nexus 6.

OnePlus One’s Review of Android Lollipop 5.1

XDA developers performed a miracle once again and OnePlus One has gained the early builds of Lollipop 5.1. The latest version of Android there is used by the owners of OnePlus One in the latest version of the ROM. At the moment, Android 5.1 is stated to be at work stage, that is why it is obvious that the work with this OS will have a lot of bugs and issues, as the development of it is still at early stages.

How Tight Are Bonds between Google Senior Managers and the White House?

The Wall Street Journal is well-known for its special coverages that cover many interesting and sometimes shocking news. This one discusses the connections of Google and the Obama Administration – it is clear that these two groups have contacts, however, no one realized how close those contacts are.

OSVR Headsets Get New 3D Gesture Controls

Virtual Reality conquers the world: this year was marked by the massive launch of VR headsets: the Oculus Rift, Gear VR produced by Samsung, HTC Vive, OSVR etc.

The abbreviation OSVR means Open Source Virtual Reality and it was created from scratch in order to unite the gaming community together. And OSVR is a talking point today.

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