Essential Phone now receiving Android 8.1 Oreo update

At the end of January, Essential announced that it would be skipping a full release of Android 8.0 Oreo, instead going straight to 8.1. About a month after the first beta build of 8.1 came out for the Essential Phone, the official Android 8.1 Oreo update has been released from the floodgates.

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Verizon LG V30 is Getting Its Oreo Update Right Now! (Updated)

We just got word from multiple readers that the LG V30 on Verizon is receiving its update to Android 8.0 “Oreo” right now!

Verizon has not yet posted any of the details for the update, but as you can see in the screenshot below, it is Android 8.0 and not 8.1. As expected, the update is quite large at 1.7GB. You’ll want to be on WiFi for this one. The LG V30 Oreo update drops in as software version VS99620a.

If I’m not mistaken, this is the first LG Oreo update in the US.

To check for the update, head into Settings>System update. Go! Go! Go!

UPDATE: Verizon is also updating the LG G6 today, just not to Oreo. It’ll see the February security patch and software version VS98816A.

lg v30 oreo update verizon lg v30 oreo update verizon

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Cortana adds floating launch button in latest update [APK Download]

Even though Cortana can’t match most of Google Assistant’s functionality, it’s still very handy if you have a Windows 10 PC. The app can mirror notifications to your PC, sync reminders, and provide contextual information based on your email and calendar. About a year ago, the Cortana app added an optional launcher to the lock screen, and now there’s another way to open the assistant.


The latest update adds a new option, called “Cortana on Home Screen.” It adds a floating Cortana button to your device, similar to a Facebook Messsenger chat head. Tapping on it opens the app instantly. Despite the name, it actually appears on the home screen and all your apps, unless you give Cortana permission to see which app is currently open (so it can tell if you’re on the home screen or not).

The button is also customizable – you can choose between the Cortana logo, a circle showing your next calendar appointment, or a small rectangle. The update has already rolled out on the Play Store, but you also download it from APKMirror.

Microsoft Cortana – Digital assistant
Microsoft Cortana – Digital assistant
Price: Free

Google Drive File Stream update adds bandwidth limit settings, sync pause, and more

The Google Drive desktop client isn’t very great (at least on Windows), and if you want to access a file, it has to be stored on your computer at all times. Google announced a new client called ‘Drive File Stream’ last year, which adds all your files to your computer, but only downloads the data when you want to open something (similar to OneDrive on Windows 8). Unfortunately, Drive File Stream is only available to G Suite users, so us normal people can’t try it out.

If you do happen to have a G Suite account, File Stream just became much more useful. A new update, which started rolling out on February 23 (yesterday), adds the ability to move the file cache to any directory (on drives using NTFS, APFS, or HFS+). So if you are running out of space, you can easily move the cache folder to an external or network drive.

Other new features include upload/download speed limits, performance improvements, and the ability to pause file syncing. Now, who do I have to bribe at Google to let Gmail accounts access this?